Milad was born

Milad was born

Empathetic colleagues and always with you;
Finally we arrived at the Faith Station and AD was born.
Even though our black hair was white, sometimes along the path of this lush garden and tall mansion, our trunks dried up, our appetites were cut off, under our snow and rain, our stature swelled; We grabbed our knees and tied the nights in the morning; eventually we believed; our gods were with us and we didn’t know much, you guys were with us, and with your confidence, you turned our lanterns into a chandelier.
God willing, Barak Allah, you have begun to celebrate the birth of AD. In these three days, respected doctors, dear nurses, all that the men of the world had seen in these years and the struggling youths had set in motion, and the sound of the birth of the province was exhilarating.
The boom in care, diligence and diligence in Milad’s hospital rooms is good news for the future.
During these three days the joy of Urmia’s mothers was heard, the patients calmly remembered and discharged. Hope you all come again, this time your hands will make the city famous for the province and the region.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Milad Hospital of Urmia Congratulates this honorable success to all esteemed shareholders and contributors of Milad Medical Complex, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Managing Director.
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