Urmia city has now become the center of treatment in the northwest of the country and neighboring countries due to the presence of specialist doctors and specialist in various fields, and because of the strong ability to provide relief and medical devices to the world along with the availability of standardized and standardized hospitals.
The Milad Orumiyeh International Hospital is located in Mulavi 2, Ferdowsi 2 with an infrastructure of 57160 square meters, with a capacity of 300 beds, the largest private hospital in the country, which will be operational by the end of the year.
About 200 specialist and specialist doctors in the province, some of whom are from abroad, are shareholders who own the Miladarumieh International Hospital.
The hospital is being built in accordance with the latest international standards, and in the IPD Therapeutic Tourism Forum, it is prepared to provide medical services to patients in neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nakhchivan, Iraq and Turkey.
The hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and uses the latest advances in global hospital information management systems, and includes 300 hospital beds.
Miladarumieh Hospital is one of the first smart hospitals in Iran.
The BMS system uses intelligent lighting and air control systems in the hospital.
This HIS-equipped hospital means the integrated implementation of the production of information necessary to manage all health activities, such as planning, monitoring, co-ordination and decision-making. It also provides hospital support for hospital, practical, tactical, and strategic activities.
The hospital system is operated as Paper less Hospital without the use of paper and paper. Patients can meet through the Internet and take the necessary action for admission and admittance and admission without administrative bureaucracy and recourse to accounting at the shortest possible time.
The hospital is equipped with an advanced telecommunication system based on the IP network. Another possibility for the hospital is the VO P, which allows physicians to call home at any time and anywhere in the country.
AC Control system for people in sensitive areas and operating rooms that need to have the password to enter these areas.

PACS is an instantaneous transmission of radiation images using the network to the various parts of the hospital instantaneously.
By installing the Shouting System, patient test samples are sent automatically to laboratories, and the drugs are sent through the tubes and air pressure from the pharmacy to the operating and operating rooms and does not need to be carried by the crew.
Nurs cal is the nursing alert system that is installed on the consoles and services wirelessly and installed inside the sanitary facilities, including hours that are closed to the nurses and, if used, the patient will be summoned to the nurse.
A VIP Hospital section that provides suites with a room for patient and companionship that allows the patient to feel comfortable at home.

Nurses and hospital diagnostic and therapeutic staff will be selected after completing the written and practical tests and completing the advanced courses, and the new Nersing system will be deployed at the hospital.