Visit of West Azarbaijan Governor Dr. Shahriari and accompanying board

Doctor Shahriari, Governor of West Azarbaijan:
The government’s approach is serious support from the private sector, especially as it is an investment in health development.
In West Azarbaijan province, we have the responsibility not only to improve the health indicators of such effective measures that our physicians and paramedics have done in our city and province, but we are glad that this educated and noble person, regardless of economic fluctuations, has the assets and the ability to do so. The path to development, prosperity and prosperity of the people of the region.
He also added that the circulation of your loved ones’ capital, your commitment to the people and the fate of the province.
Dr. Shahriari stated that with the full support of this modern hospital, … the facilities for setting up and opening will be provided and the services provided will be part of the province’s medical needs


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