Milad Nour Surgery Center officially started

On Thursday, December 30, and only one day after receiving a license from the Ministry of Health, Milad Surgery Specialists successfully completed the first operation of the center.

The Milad Surgery Center, part of the project under construction, is the largest private hospital in the northwest of the country, with a total area of 4,000 square meters and 4 operating rooms equipped with 2 rooms eligible for licensing and 2 other rooms underway. Licensed), hospitalization departments, radiology and laboratory, along with equipped clinics and doctors’ offices.

The surgical center has 10 beds and can accommodate up to 20 beds, but most of the surgeries in this facility are capable of clearing the patients on the day of surgery.

The Milad Surgery Center is authorized to carry out surgical procedures in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Medicine protocols in all medical disciplines.