Cost for International Patients

Medical and Diagnostic Tariff Topics Amount in 1$=20.000t
Rial coefficient of professional all services and health care 2$
Rial Coefficient of Chi-Tech for All Health Care Services (Modified Code of 27 Relative Value Books) 5$
The Rial Coefficient of Professional Diagnostic and Health Services, denoted by #, and the Code Services 7 and 8 books of relative value, provided in the outpatient department. 1$
Coefficient of Chi-Rial for Diagnostic and Health Services, denoted by #, and services of codes 7 and 8 of relative value books provided in the outpatient department. 3$
Visit to general practitioners and dentists and licensed PhDs 2$
Visit to specialist dentists and PhD-MDs 4$
Visit of specialist physicians, Fellowship and psychiatrist 6$
Visit to specialist physicians, Psychiatry Fellowship 6$
Rial coefficient of relative value of dental service 1$
Cost of hotel accommodation (three beds) and more 5$
Double bed room hotel costs 7$
Cost of hotel accommodation (single room) 10$
Flat section c.c.u 111$
Flat ICU.NICU.RICU.Ped ICU Section General 160$
Flat ICU burn section B 135$
Healthy baby bed 36$
Second level sick baby bed 40$
Burn patient bed 46$
Mentally ill bed 9$
Mobile Cost 48$
Rial coefficient of the following services 2$
First Day Visit (Code 901920 Relative Value: 5.5K #) 30$
Second Day Visit (Code 901930 Relative Value: 4.5K #) 20$
Clearance Day Visit (Code 901935 Relative Value: 3K #) 4$
Initial visit to the newborn (Code 901925 Relative value: 7k #) 20$
Inpatient Advice (Code 901940 Relative Value: 5.5K #) 30$
Visiting Physician Advice (Code 901945 Relative Value: 7K #) 20$


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