International Patient Care Team: fluent in foreign language.

International Patient Department Website: Contains Hospital Information and International Patient Treatment Package.

Free internet, fridge and mobile bed

Ambulance relief

Prayer room


Follow-up of patients from discharge to complete recovery (follow-up)

The center uses smart BMS lighting and air conditioning control system. This HIS-equipped hospital means the integrated implementation of the production of information necessary to manage all health-related activities, such as planning, monitoring, coordination and decision-making. It also provides support for hospital activities at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. The hospital system is operated as a Paper less Hospital without the use of paper and records. Patients can make appointments online and take necessary care to be admitted and admitted to the hospital in the shortest possible time without administrative bureaucracy and accounting. The hospital is equipped with an advanced telecommunication system based on IP network. VOP, which is able to communicate internally with doctors anytime, anywhere in the country, is another hospital facility. AC Traffic control system in sensitive areas and operating rooms that must have a password to enter these areas. PACS is an instantaneous radiographic imaging system using network to different parts of the hospital. With the installation of the Shouting system, patient test samples are automatically sent to the lab, and the needed medications are sent through the pipes and air-pressure from the pharmacy to the ward and operating room, with no need for the crew to carry them. Nursal, or wireless nurse alert system that runs on consoles and services, is integrated into the toiletries and includes watches that are closed by nurses and alert the nurse if the patient is using them. It is a VIP hospital unit that provides a suite with room for the patient and companion to feel at home for the patient and companion.