Practical methods for solving patients’ safety


Patients have the right to expect that their care is in accordance with the best conditions and standards and based on the latest scientific and clinical evidence. We are always exposed to a wide range of hazardous items and devote much of our time to trying to avoid an accident. , Injuries or unpleasant events. The prediction of events and risks and the reduction of their probable incidence is in fact the same risk management. Assessment of accidents is not intended to be the culprit and the punishment and blame, but the ability to learn, recognize and treat a major problem in the design and operation of the health system, the badge This way, methods for preventing accidents, systematically reviewing and assessing incidents, as well as methods for controlling risks and reducing the risk of errors and their dangers. The main objective of managing the risk is to reduce the risk of injury to the patient and the staff. It introduces practices that reduce the likelihood of harm to the patient and personnel. In fact, this approach examines the following.
Clinical risk reduction
Monitor complaints in terms of risk and risk assessment
Reporting systems
Health and safety of patients and employees
Preventing undesirable events