Iran Saderat Bank CEO visits Milad Urmia International Hospital

Visit of Dr. Sayyidi, CEO of Iran Export Bank to Milad Urmia International Hospital

On Thursday, 04/04/13, Dr. Sayyidi, together with the Honorable Representative of Urmia, visited the largest private hospital in the West and Northwestern Province of Iran (Urmia).

After visiting various parts of the hospital and hearing the report of the hospital’s chief executive, he stated that it is desirable that non-prominent people of Urmia who are notorious for their medical care should benefit.

They also added that what we saw in the collection were standards of equipment and equipment, and this investment with consistent and compassionate management encourages us to provide such partnerships, dare we say, such as this engineered project , Less is seen anywhere. God willing … Take a new look at the relationships we have with hospital management in addition to these unique efforts.

Dr. Jamshidi Hospital Managing Director, while presenting a report on the processes of facility construction and turnover and how to return capital with regard to the operation of the Milad Surgery Center currently in operation, added: “The project owes its sincere approach and sincere support to Mr. It is the headquarters of the provincial and provincial administrations, in fact the hospital that prepares its government for patient admission in a week, with the support of the Export Bank will have a direct impact on the province’s health indicators as it is the only smart hospital in the province and northwest of the country that attracts At least 200 shareholders have become physicians and paramedics. On the other hand, it is one of the integrated hospitals that will respond to all the medical needs of the Sharif people of the region and international patients





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