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Introduction of International Patient Unit

Meet the staff of the limited surgical center

* Employees of different groups can identify with a cover (different shapes and colors) and their label.

* Read the personnel identification card.

* If you do not succeed in reading the card, ask the staff to describe yourself and explain what they are doing.

* In this hospital, all employees have identification cards and the position and description of the duties of different groups and their shape and color, and cover them:

Doctors: white dress

Hospitalized part: Head nurse: Mantoux trousers, Calf eye, Black hair

Women’s Nurse: Mantle Trousers

Male Nurse: Shirt and Trousers – Black Shoes

Male helper: Heavenly blue shirts and pants – Brown shoes

Women’s Helper: Mantle Heavenly Blue Pants – White Shoes – White Magnets

Operative room: Head-nurse operating room: turquoise green

Anesthesiologist: green turquoise

Operations room expert: turquoise green

Clerk: Mantle Crimson Pants – Golden Bar – Black Shoe

Helpline: Green phosphorus

Financial Officer: Mantoux Black Pants – Gold Bar – Black Shoe and Magnets

Adoption: Black Mantle Trousers – Golden Bar – Black Shoe

Patient Guide:


Male service: Trousers trousers – Light blue shirt – Black shoes

Women’s Services: Trousers Trousers-Trousers Trousers-Black Trousers

Limited Surgery Center Tariffs

The private sector operating at the Milad Noor Limited Surgery Center is therefore subject to the Tariffs of 1397.

In the case of foreign patients, the surgical and anesthetic rates are based on the agreement with the licensed transportation companies and other services, including the operating room, medicine and consumables and paraclinical services, based on tariffs approved by the private sector 1397 will be applied

Services to international patients

Out-of-the-clock services: Off-the-clock service is provided to provide patients with a faster and better quality of service to patients admitted through the International Department.

International Patient Caregivers: who are fluent in foreign languages.

The website of the International Patient Services Department, which contains hospital information and package therapy for international patients.